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Become a member of SheFan Pro Group 

A unique and exciting opportunity to be included in our community of over 140k and over 100 partners.

Join our unique Pink Tie Events and gain exclusive access to SheFan Pro Group memberships through NFTs. With a SheFan Pro Group membership you’ll receive

1. Priority access to our worldwide Pink Tie events, a unique networking event with tangible outcomes increasing your visibility and providing practical outcomes, a friendly, inviting space.

2. Discounts on SheFan Group resources   

3. Become part of a community of over 140K       individuals and businesses. 

Membership options range from £10 to £995 per month or year. 

As a SheFan Pro Group member, you’ll join a global community of partners and have the chance to become a board member as an individual or corporate entity. Our ready made community offers networking and collaboration opportunities with like-minded individuals in the blockchain industry. 

At Pink Tie Events, we’re committed to empowering businesses worldwide by providing access to exclusive events and opportunities for networking and collaboration. Join us to achieve your goals in the blockchain industry.


•10 per month or annual 100.

•Free access to pink tie events. 

•Discounts on SheFan pro resources including coaching, mentoring and certified education.  

•Opportunities to join as guest speaker and be part of a growing ready made global community 

•NFT membership business card to add to your wallet and gain access to events.

Corporate member

• 100 per month or 995 annually.

For up to 50 team members with access to

• Free pink tie events.

• Discounts on corporate training, certified education , recruitment , marketing and development.

• NFT membership business card to add to your wallet and gain access to events.

Offering our partners and community 10% discount on membership fees

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